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We offer Industry quality mixing, production, recording, and more. Let us guide you into audio excellence.


JGI Media offers high quality recording services to patrons in the capital district of New York and beyond. Recording music is the art of capturing sound, and is the most important part of the creation process. We take pride in our recordings and make sure you sound as good and clear recorded as you do in person. With our assortment of mics and our sound treated vocal booth, we will find the right fit for your sound.


JGI Media offer high quality professional mixing in the industry standard Pro Tools. If you recorded something you feel was not mixed properly or by an engineer that didn’t take the time to mix it properly or just wasn’t familiar with your genre of music we can help. We are able to re-mix, your previously recorded music, to give you the polished sound you’re looking for. Send us your sessions or wave tracks today for free analysis. Are your sessions not in Pro tools format? That’s okay, we can convert them as part of one of our many services.


Are your tracks too quiet, are they lacking bass, or clarity in your vocals? We can help with our mastering services. Mastering is the final process in the music creation process. We apply the final treatment that levels out your songs to the loudest, clearest point possible without distortion, and gives your tracks a clean commercial sound. Although mastering can fix some problems, most problems with your track may be in the recording process or mix down. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your track to see if it is ready for mastering.


JGI Media, digital production studio providing multi-track recordings for business and broadcast. As the leading full-service audio recording company, our number one priority is to insure a high-quality finished product produced quickly and affordable. Our easy-to-reach professional staff will guide you through the entire process from start to finish, answering questions, providing information and offering solutions. We are more than willing to be with you step by step throughout your recording process to support you no matter you needs. We offer professional services, at an affordable cost; you will find no other company that offers services at our level able to compete with our prices.
Voice Overs

JGI Media is your complete resource for professional voice talent. We make it possible to affordably cast, produce and deliver voice over’s all in one place. We’ve helped many clients over the years with virtually every kind of voice over project and we can help you today.

AudioAudio Books

Audio books, also known as books on CD or tape, can be a helpful tool for: those who are traveling and need to catch up on important information, for the visually impaired, or for those who just enjoy listening to books rather than reading through them.
People who record audio books are known as voice talent, and they perform the task of reading a book aloud and having it recorded in a professional setting. Often, these books can involve fictional and colorful characters like in a fictional novel, so the person must be able to perform and record using several different character voices. If this is your need, we offer a service for even this aspect of recording.

AudioAudio Tags / DJ Drops

JGI Media offers DJ’s one of a kind high quality voice drops. If you want your name to stand out from the rest contact us today. Drops can be customized to your needs whether you a producer, DJ, or record label. We have male or female voices to choose from. Our drop artists are both very professional and affordable.

AudioMixtape Mixing & Production

We offer mixtape production and mixing services to DJ’s and Artists worldwide. We have over 10 years experience as professional DJ’s, and produce high quality results every time. You may choose from software or live hardware mixes to give your project the feel it needs to get the attention it deserves.

AudioMusic Production

JGI Media has connections with multiple producers offering professionally produced music, whether it’s for a song, movie score, commercial, etc. We can help you get what you need to make the most of your project. We offer several solutions to fit your budgets or needs, from leasing, exclusive rights or custom creations. Contact us today for more details.