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JGI Media is committed to delivering informed, business media services based on superior industry know how, understanding of the issues that affect our clients as well as their clients, and a genuine passion for what we do.

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Here at JGI Media we offer many multi-media services to help improve your business. Whether it’s a small project or your total definition and identity, we have you covered!

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Strategist Strategies

Strategies’ are a very important aspect to apply to any business decision. Companies that rush into decisions expecting fast results are usually left with regret, wasted time and capital, as well as ineffective results..

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The real question should be “what don’t we do?”. We like to consider JGI Media as your one stop shop for all your media needs, whether it’s a small campaign or defining your business, we have you covered. We design and build spectacular websites, logos, brochures and so much more, to set your business apart from the competition. We not only provide technical knowhow, but work alongside our clients to help them to achieve their goals, and make decisions that will help them grow at their needed pace. Ask us how we can help you with your business with our free consultation.
We do it because we love to! Plain and simple, media runs through our veins. In 1999 JGI Media founder John J. Raspante started built his first recording studio fresh out of high school. In 2001 while in college he built his first website by hand. After completing his Business / Marketing degree, he decided to implement all of his knowledge together to make himself a successful entrepreneur. Although JGI Media is a young company it was not built over night. Many years of planning and development as well as failures have help shaped us to what we are today. Let JGI Media help your business achieve only success by learning from us, we are the evolution of media. Ask us again why we do it? Cause we wouldn’t rather do anything else.

You tell us, what are your goals? Who are you marketing to? Do you want to sell your product online? Do you need a new audience? Well you have come to the right place. Here at JGI Media we can get your business where it needs to be. With our team of specialists and our many independent contractors, we can do just about anything.

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