Please Read Carefully: This is a Final Contract

In an attempt to better serve you, you MUST follow our policy to enable us to complete your order in a timely fashion. Your collaboration in submitting ALL information regarding your order (size, colors, copy, & design specifications) to JGI Media as soon and thoroughly as possible, will aide us in processing your order in a professional manor. Failure to do so may delay completion of your order.

General Graphic Design Service Policy

  • Please check very carefully, all text that you submit to us which is to be incorporated into the design. This may include correct spelling, punctuation or any other representation of a word. We do not use any form of spell checking and will use text exactly as you submit it, therefore we cannot assume responsibility for spelling errors, missing or incorrect information that you fail to submit or correct.
  • Any images you supply must be a minimum resolution of 300dpi and of the highest quality possible. We cannot assume responsibility for overall quality of design directly related to the quality of

any image you supply to us.

  • JGI Media extends ONE (1) FREE text change per job we design. Each additional change to the artwork or text will cost an additional $70 per hour. Fees for changing the artwork must be paid prior to changes being made.
  • When submitting orders for design please be sure that you have all of your information and images together and well organized to help us streamline this process and get your order completed in a timely manor. We will not be responsible for delays caused by missing or incomplete information to complete the order.
  • All designs created by JGI Media are copyrighted and can only reworked or altered with JGI Media approval. Any reworking or alterations without JGI Media approval will be subject to fines per copyright law. Fees for the authorization of reworking or altering our artwork elsewhere will be at the discretion of JGI Media.
  • Standard design turnaround time for Business Cards, Flyers, Demo CD/Mixtape inserts, Tickets, Postcards and some CD Jewel Case and DVD Safebox designs is approximately 5 business days. All other design services including but not limited to Logos, Websites and other custom work require more design time and depending on the project may run into weeks. Allow “listed” turnaround time for the design process and if not listed be sure to ask us before making any payment or accepting a quote. Please understand that this is a creative process and that revisions and changes may require extended design time and additional charges may apply.
  • If you require a faster design turnaround time a “Rush Order” can be applied on select services at additional cost (subject to availability). Rush orders must be made by 12pm. Please contact us for Rush Order turnaround times and pricing. Design turnaround time including design “Rush Order” options is in addition to print turnaround and shipping times (if applicable). You also understand that these are just estimates and turnaround time is based on business days, does not include holidays and is not contractual.

Logo Design Service Policy

  • We must receive payment in full and a completed “Logo Specification” form before we begin any work on your logo design.
  • Concept Design(s) are rough ideas and do not represent the full quality of the final finished design. The number of Concept Designs you will receive is dependent upon your package selection. Additional Concept Designs are available for $70 each.
  • Design Revision(s) can be applied to your chosen Concept Design or a Design Redraw at any time. The number of Design revisions you will receive is dependent on which package you choose, however additional Design Revisions can be purchased for $50 each.
  • If you are unhappy with the first round of Concept Design(s) even after you choose a Concept Design for the final vector graphic, we offer Design Redraw(s). The number of Design Redraw(s) you will receive is dependent upon you package selection. You may apply Design Revision(s) to Design Redraw(s) minus the number of Design Revision(s) already applied to Concept Design(s). Please note that Design Redraw(s) are not intended to be used as an extension to Concept Designs, but instead they are our last attempt to make you happy with the design. Should you change your mind and decide to use one of the original Concept Drawing(s) provided, a fee of $200 will be charged.
  • All files will be delivered digitally through email unless you specifically request delivery by mail on a CD. There is a $50 fee for mailing files to you on CD unless it is included as a listed service for your selected package.
  • Final Vector Graphic will be delivered in Abobe Illustrator format (.ai). With this “.ai” file and capable software (not provided by JGI Media) it is possible to make as many copies as you wish. You can also resize and save it in any file format that suits your needs and what your software allows. We will also provide you with 2x JPG (72dpi and 300dpi with white backgrounds), 2x PNG files (72dpi and 300dpi with transparent backgrounds) and 1x PNG gray scale file (300dpi with transparent background). You can specify ONE (1) FREE file format request in any size, resolution or color format currently available in our version of Adobe Illustrator. Additional file requests can be obtained for $30 each.
  • Logo design packages include listed services in conjunction with these terms for your selected package only and any other design work beyond that process will be charged at a rate of $70 per hour. Please contact us at any time for the latest packages information.
  • You the client receive full right of ownership which grants you the right to display the final approved logo anywhere where law permits, only after acceptance of the final vector design, and all work has been paid for in full, including any additional extras not included in your selected package. JGI Media holds the rights to intellectual property and our work cannot be edited by any source other than JGI Media, without our consent. Additionally all Concept Drawings and Design Revisions that have been provided to you during the design process remain property of JGI Media and must not be used with our consent.

Web Design Policies

JGI Media is a web site design firm. All the content you’ll find on JGI Media is owned by the firm -This includes logos, graphics (site design) and images. Once an order is placed with JGI Media, you concur that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions below.

  • Any work done by JGI Media for any client – which includes the scripts, coding or software, unless mutually agreed, will be copyright of JGI Media and should not be commercially reproduced or resold without the knowledge and permission of JGI Media.
  • JGI Media cannot be held liable for copyright violations caused by materials and content submitted by the client.
  • JGI Media will not be liable for costs incurred, compensation or loss of earnings due to the failure to meet agreed deadlines.
  • JGI Media will not be liable for non execution of project for certain reasons not in control of IT Chimes.
  • JGI Media requires 50% payment to start, throughout the design process there after you will be invoiced for blocks of payment when you next balance is due to finish completion the site.
  • No refunds on completed web work.
  • JGI Media is not responsible failure to complete the site on customers behalf , JGI Media has the right to terminate the agreement if customer fails to continue or make contact after 90days.
  • JGI Media web service includes design and customization. We are not claiming owner ship of third party or open source scripting, plug-ins, and or databases used in the process.
  • JGI Media is not responsible for, or to provide any content for your site. We can Fill the site customers content at the time of develop if content is ready, we will not delay the development if the site to wait for content. All content entered at time of development will be loria ispum , if no content is presented.
  • JGI Media is not responsible to fix a website due to customers attempting to edit and breaking the code. If there is a problem on our behalf that arises within the first 3 months, we will fix it, after 3 months a contract must be purchased separately.

3rd Party Print Service Policy

  • Customers must proof work all design work. Jobs will NOT be plated or go to print until we receive a signed “Design Approval” form, email confirmation, or some other form of written approval.
  • Once a job has been plated and or sent to print the order cannot be cancelled.
  • We do not perform any printing in house but instead make use of various print vendors. We only choose print vendors that stand behind their work but occasionally there will be delays due to technical malfunctions, equipment failure, or other problems. While we are confident that they make every effort to keep those events from affecting production and/or delivery of your order we cannot be held responsible should any such event arise.
  • To provide you with the significant price discounts some of our vendors print using a “gang run” format. They make every effort to produce a reasonable representation based on supplied materials but you must be aware that they do not guarantee color matching or image quality. Due to the nature of gang run printing it is standard that the color and brightness of images may shift up to 15%. If you are a “Photographer” or other “Imaging Professional” looking for accurate reproductions or representations of your work, gang run printed products may not be for you. Please contact us prior to placing your order so we may get you a custom quote or suggest a product that may fit your needs. In addition, files submitted digitally that do not explicitly follow our specifications are not eligible for reprinting or a refund.
  • If you are unhappy with the quality of the printing or cutting, JGI Media will be happy to discuss a possible reprinting of the job free of charge or a partial printing credit depending on the nature of the problem. Please understand that we may ask you for a 5″ stack of the printed piece in question for review as is sometimes requested our print vendor. Neither JGI Media nor our vendors will pay for return shipping of these samples. Without samples of the printed piece in question JGI Media is unable to issue credits or refunds.
  • If you plan on using your piece for mailing please allow room for overruns and under runs of up to 10% either way. WE DO NOT GUARENTEE EXACT COUNT. Please choose your desired quantity accordingly.
  • Once an order has been placed, a 30% administrative fee will be charged on all jobs canceled. Customers also have an option of a full in house credit (not including any design fees for work already carried out) to be used toward future jobs. Refunds and credits back to cards are done in batches and could take up to 14 business days in house. Credits back to your credit card could take as long as 3 billing cycles to appear on your statement depending on the issuing bank.
  • In addition to any displayed price there is an additional $10 shipping & handling charge on printed products and all Design and Print services are subject to sales tax for New York residences.
  • UV Coated products in quantities of 5000 and up have a standard turnaround time of 1-2 business days, and 1000 quantities have an extended lead-time of approximately 3-5 business days. Non-UV coated products require an extended lead-time, typically 5-7 business days. All quantities of posters carry an extended lead-time of 7-10 business days. These turnaround times are for print service only and do not include design and shipping turnaround times.
  • If you require a faster print turnaround time a “Rush Order” can be applied on select services at additional cost (subject to availability). Rush orders must be made by 12pm. Please contact us for Rush Order turnaround times and pricing. Print turnaround times including print “Rush Order” options is in addition to design turnaround and shipping times. You also understand that these are just estimates and turnaround time is based on business days, does not include holidays and is not contractual.

Shipping Policy & Guideline for Printed Products

Jobs will be shipped per your original invoice unless you choose to pay for a shipping upgrade due to time issues. All shipments require your adult signature upon arrival. If you are unavailable to receive the shipment at the shipping address you provided when placing your order it is your responsibility to call the shipping company and arrange for pickup at their location. Returned shipments to JGI Media will not be refunded and additional shipping cost will be required prior to reshipping your package. Delivery times are not contractual.

  • Flyers sent via Delta Cargo Services will be shipped to the airport indicated by client on the JGI MEDIA ORDER FORM provided Delta service is available at that airport, or to the closest Delta Cargo facility to your SHIP TO zip code and must be picked up there. Due to FAA guidelines, DELTA REQUIRES YOU PRESENT PROPER ID and the AIRWAY BILL NUMBER. Not picking packages up from airport, does not nullify the order placed with JGI Media, and you are still subject to be charged. Packages left at the airport for over 7 days are subject to storage fees and will not be paid by JGI Media. JGI Media is not responsible for lost, or damaged packages via Delta Cargo.
  • All jobs shipped by JGI Media require a signature by the recipient. Signature cannot be waived by anyone at JGI Media Please be sure that you are shipping your package to a location where someone will be available to sign for the package.
  • Delivery times are not contractual.

Fedex Shipping

5,000 UV Coated orders using Fedex shipping service that are ordered before 2PM will most likely print and be shipped on the following day, although we strive to accomplish this with every job in some cases it will not be able to ship the next day even if it is in by 2PM. For example, if you order 5,000 UV Coated 4×6 Flyers at 1PM today, you order will ship on the next business day. Business days are Monday – Friday. Fedex only ships and delivers Monday thru Friday. Saturday delivery is not available with our Fedex service.

Delta Dash Shipping

5,000 UV Coated Delta Dash orders submitted by our 2 pm cutoff will in most cases ship the following day. For example, If you place your order today at 4PM, your order will ship the following evening or early the following day, if you have chosen Delta Dash as your shipping option.

Delta Dash service is an airport to airport service and requires you pickup your package at the nearest Delta Cargo facility.

The only way we can Guarantee turnaround is through our RUSH service.


Any orders received over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) will not print until late Monday night or Tuesday. In an effort to provide the best possible quality, we spend half of our Monday cleaning and optimizing our presses for optimal output, for that reason we are unable to promise that we can print your job on Monday if it was submitted over the weekend.

PRINT SCHEDULING: Fridays and Saturdays

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times and make every effort to get your jobs out the door as soon as possible. Our typical printing schedule is from Monday – Friday. We will attempt to print all jobs received Friday on Saturday, but we cannot make any guarantees because of limited operations. Only Emergency Rush Print Jobs ordered by 2PM on Friday that are shipping Delta Dash are guaranteed to print and ship on Saturday.

These times are our estimated in house turnaround and do not include shipping time.

Our Partner printing company leads the industry in quick turnaround full color printing. We can help you meet your deadlines. Please feel free to give us a contact us and we will do our best to help you with your project.

Your Agreement with Us

By accepting a quote or making a payment you agree to all the terms listed above and understand that this contract will be in effect for all jobs from the date on this contract until such time as JGI Media may revise the contract.

You agree to protect and hold harmless JGI Media (and our subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, business

Partners or employees) from any claim or demand (including attorneys’ fees) made by any third party due to or arising out of a project produced for you.


Our printing partner prides itself in our quality and our consistent, fast turnaround. We will always do whatever we can to ensure that our clients’ delivery schedules are met. However, in the event of technical difficulties, such as press malfunctions, power outtages, or other circumstances out of our control, we will gladly refund rush charges/fees. Our liability will be limited to these costs and we will NOT be responsible for expedited shipping costs, etc. Also, in the event of a shipping delay, we will not be responsible for 3rd party shipping errors by Delta or FedEx. However, our customer service department will be happy to assist you in filing a claim with the shipping carrier

Additionally JGI Media may never see a physical copy of the print or proof, and is not held reliable for any mistakes or problems that may occur with the printing process in any way, all of our designs are previously approved to print via the printer before it is plated, if for any reason there is a design problem on our end it will be corrected before printing takes place. We will help you connect with the printer directly to resolve any issues.

Payment and Refunds Policy

  • Refunds on logos will not be issued whether used or not, once a concept design is approved the client cannot change the company name or major concept of the logo first submitted. We provide multiple design concepts, with each package and guarantee our work. If you are not pleased with logo JGI Media will discuss resolutions on how to make it right for you.
  • If your item is time sensitive plan well in advance. There will be no refunds for jobs that do not arrive by your “deadline”.
  • Design Fees are non-refundable regardless if the design is used or not. Full payment needs to be received prior to beginning work. There will be no cash refunds except for jobs that are not printed minus any design fees.

Studio and Audio Services Policy

In attempt to maintain the highest quality service to our clients, the following policy must
be agreed upon by our clients prior to conducting business with us.

  • There is a two hour minimum per session, and must be pre-paid to book.
  • All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Session begins at the scheduled time whether you’re here or not.
  • Session overage time will be prorated by 30 minute intervals
  • Studio rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to bring their music or previous sessions on a standard media device such as a flash drive or CD / DVD disc. We can download files at the studio but will be counted towards your scheduled time.
  • Capital Mixers will not be held liable for any legal disputes that may arise while conducting business with you. Such as copyright infringement, we assume that clients own the copyright or rights for all materials used during their sessions.
    No guests that are not part of the creation process allowed, unless previously approved by the engineer.
  • There may be a $10 per hour fee for each additional artist recording during the session.
  • A 24 hour notice must be given to cancel a session. If you cancel same day you will be subject to pay for the missed session before you can book another session.
  • “No call, No show” appointments will no longer be able to book sessions without pre-paying the first 2 hours in advance, as well as the previous missed session.
  • One complimentary CD is included with each session; additional CD copies will be $5 each.
  • Online or work for hire invoices must be paid before we can start work.
  • Digital Delivered Files will be removed from our server after 24 hours. There is a $25 fee for re-delivery of digital delivery of files.
  • All intellectual works remain property of Capital Mixers unless signed over to you in writing.
  • Please be aware we are located in the heart of Albany across from the Times Union Center, and that parking may be limited due to events or other reasons beyond our control, a link to times union center is available on our website, please view their calendar and plan accordingly. Keep in mind all street parking is metered, but is free after 6pm on week days, and all day on weekends.

Studio & Audio Payment and Refund Policy

  • We accept all major Credit Cards, Cash, or PayPal only. No checks please.
  • Refunds on uncompleted work orders only, partial refunds may apply.
  • All refunds are at the discretion of JGI Media and final.

Questions and Contact

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our policy please contact us via email at info@jgimedia.com, prior to placing an order with JGI Media. Placing an order with JGI Media states you understand and agree to our terms and conditions unless other arrangements or exclusions have been made in writing by JGI Media.